The conscious versus the subconscious mind





Even though we seem to use our conscious mind a great deal of the time, there is another part of our mind that is functioning on a much larger scale. This is called the subconscious mind. It is in operation all the time, even though we are not aware of it. For example, one of the functions of the subconscious mind is to control all of the involuntary bodily functions. You never have to remind yourself to breathe or to make sure your heart beats; the subconscious takes care of all that for you.

In effect, the conscious mind is about 10 percent of the mind, due to its limited functioning. Basically, the conscious mind thinks and analyzes and has a short-term memory bank. The subconscious mind, however, has at least five functions.

The subconscious mind is just like a computer. It has a long-term memory bank where it stores an unbelievable amount of material. Contained in the subconscious mind is every event, every emotion, every sensory experience that has ever occurred in one’s lifetime. And with the proper instruction, the subconscious mind can be trained for almost instant recall.

Another function of this incredible computer is to store all the emotions. It is the emotional center of the brain. So it is here in the subconscious mind that the emotions can be experienced, changed and accepted.

The subconscious mind also holds all the habits. This is why hypnosis works to change habits. Most people try to change their habits on the conscious level of functioning and that is the reason why they are so unsuccessful. The habits are not stored or located in the conscious part of the mind. You must learn how to get into the subconscious part of the mind in order to change habits.

All the involuntary bodily functions are located in the subconscious part of the mind. So though hypnosis, we can teach you to lower your blood pressure, even out your blood-sugar level, and balance out your hormones. People are also able to get rid of headaches and eliminate insomnia. Creativity is also located in the subconscious part of the mind. This part of your mind uses images, sensations, and feelings to create. It can be used for goal setting since once an image is established, the subconscious mind will take that image as a command and go forward with it. This is one reason why you will be taught to control the negative images in your mind, because the subconscious will also interpret these as commands.

Yvon Nives, LCSW, CHT, CASAC